“I AM..” is the most powerful declaration that we can make as human beings.  Unquestionably and confidently declaring that I AM BLACK inspired the movement toward creating this outlet for promoting peace and love among melanated people to grow and evolve amid the chaos in the societies in which we live.

We owe it to ourselves, to our ancestors, and to the future generation of Black youth to lead happy, healthy, and peaceful lives–

honoring our past and relishing in the present!

IMG_7106I AM MELANIN is a celebration of black life, culture, and art throughout the African diaspora.

I AM MELANIN seeks to challenge issues such as:

racism/white supremacy, gender and feminist politics, health and education, domestic violence, the prison-industrial complex & mass incarceration, violence, drugs and poverty and other issues that seem to plague Black communities, individuals, and families.

while providing knowledge and solutions through:

education, community uplift and outreach, art, critical dialogue, literature, health and wellness.